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When planning your wedding, one of the most important decisions you have to make is choosing the flowers. Flowers set the tone and enhance your personal theme, from fragrance and colour, to mood and style and finally becomes part of your precious memories reflected in your photographs. Through a well established family business we provide a personalized service with attention to detail to ensure your wedding is a success. All weddings are unique and very special with their own individual style, and we can advise you on seasonal availability of flowers, colours and themes.

Use clean water with a little bit of bleach ( Jik). Never expose flowers to direct sunlight, high temperatures and cool draughts. Cut about a cm from the stems before placing in water. Replace the water every second day and make sure that there is no leaves in the water.

LILIES: Remove the pollen from the flowers, cut the stems shorter and change the water every second or third day.

GERBERA’S: Cut the stems shorter and place in a clean vase with a little bit of Jik. 

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