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To order flowers, contact us on any of our telephone numbers. We will calculate all the costs and the money can be paid directly in our bank account. We also have credit card facilities available. Flowers will only be delivered once the full amount for the flowers have been paid. When you start planning your wedding, remember that every season has different kinds of flowers. If you choose flowers that are in season, you will pay less and be able to get more flowers. Flowers tend to be very expensive around Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Spring Day. There are many flowers available in certain seasons, check that your flowers will be available in the season that you are getting married. We will be able to let you know which flowers will be available but always remember that the weather plays a big role and you should always have an alternative.


We deliver flowers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Pietersburg, Thursdays in Tzaneen and  Mondays and Thursdays in Naboomspruit, Nylstroom and Potgietersrus (Mookgopong, Modimolle en Mokopane) at designated locations. We buy flowers twice a week from the flower market in Johannesburg.

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